Snow Girl And The Dark Crystal

Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal (Chinese: 钟馗伏魔:雪妖魔灵) is a 2015 Chinese, HongKong, United States 3D fantasy action adventure film directed by Peter Pau and Zhao Tianyu and starring Chen Kun, Li Bingbing, Winston Chao, Yang Zishan, Bao Bei’er, and Jike Junyi. Production began on February 16, 2014. The film was released on February 19, 2015.

Director : Peter Pau, Zhao Tianyu
Producer : Ann An
Cast : Chen Kun, Li Bingbing, Winston Chao, Yang Zishan, Bao Bei’er, Jike Junyi
Music : Javier Navarrete
Cinematography : Peter Pau

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